Kunstterapi Som Forebyggelse Mod Depression

Tidsskrift for Psykoterapi, Nr. 1 2015

Af Vibeke Skov

Denne artikel bygger på et forskningsprojekt om kunstterapi som forebyggelse mod depression, der blev afsluttet i 2013. Det centrale spørgsmål var, om kunstterapi kunne bruges som en metode til at udvikle forholdet mellem bevidste og ubevidste sider i psyken med henblik på at forbedre livskvaliteten hos deltagerne.


Art Therapy : Psychological Creativity in the Healing of Mild Depression

Academic Quarter, Vol. 09 (12) 2014 – p. 363 – 375

Af Vibeke Skov & Inge Nygaard Pedersen

Based on a Jungian approach, this article will introduce an integrative model to therapeutic change using art therapy methods as practical tools, with the aim of improving quality of life and in the prevention of depression.
In a research study involving six participants, painting, clay work and drumming were used together with imagination and personal dialogues linked to the artwork. These art therapy processes at tempted to combine the participant’s experience of inner and outer reality. The effect of gaining more knowledge about their inner reality using dreams and symbols, was that participants gained a new understanding about their personal life. In addition, some participants were able to continue to use art therapy experiences as self-developmental tools after the research study terminated.