International group 2019

International group 20192019-06-04T22:04:31+02:00

Summercourse in depth oriented art therapy

Date: 30th of July – 6th of August


Vibeke Skov, PhD , clinical psychologist and artist. Founder of the Institute

Lau Laursen, Musician, composer, analytical analyst and teacher at the art therapy institute

Vibeke Skov will teach 30th – 31st of July and 6. of august
During the first two days an integrative art therapy model will be introduced moving through the biological, psychological, social and spiritual domain. The art media will be painting and movement

Lau Laursen will teach 1st – 5th of august
Becoming familiar with the language and dynamics of symbols, archetypes and imagery is essential in navigating various forms of expression in arttherapy. In this workshop we will explore specific methods on this subject within the framework of therapy and development of self in individual and group process. Applied theory and methods will be given in print. The media will be painting

Price for the whole course includes full accomodation in singleroom at the institute: 1000€